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Vote Yes for Local 212!

The annual WERC Recertification Election is currently underway.  

It is critical every eligible employee vote. You don’t have to me a Local 212 member to vote and voting doesn’t make you a member of Local 212. Voting “Yes” signifies that whether you are a member or not, you support Local 212 in its efforts to advocate for you and represent your interests as an educational professional in our dealings with the college. If you don’t vote, it’s a “No vote. Convinced? Here’s the short cut:

1. Call 1-866-458-9862 and follow ALL of the prompts making sure you confirm your vote at the end.
2. You can also vote online at http://www.aaaelections.org/WERC 
3. Got to https://leadernet.aft.org/webform/2020-notify-local-212-you-voted and tell us that you voted!

Want more details? Here you go!

This election is to determine if Local 212 will continue to act as the exclusive bargaining agent for all paraprofessionals, part-time faculty and full-time faculty. There are three (3) concurrent elections, one for each of Local 212’s bargaining units:  Full-time Faculty/Counselor, Part-time Faculty and Paraprofessionals.  Please remind other employees and colleagues about the election.  Successful recertification provides Local 212 the legal authority to bargain and represent employees with MATC.

The Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission (WERC) will conduct the election as mandated by Wisconsin Statues.  Under Act 10, all public-sector unions must hold recertification elections every year with the dates established by the State of Wisconsin. Local 212’s recertification election began at noon, April 1st and ends on April 21st at noon.

Beginning on Wednesday, April 1st, please exercise your right to vote. Employees may vote on-line at http://www.aaaelections.org/WERC or by phone 1-866-458-9862.  Just follow the directions, and please, do not hang up or go off-line until you have verified your vote.  If any member or non-member has questions or concerns about the recertification election process, email or call Steve Johnson, Director of Labor Relations for Local 212. Within your email, please provide a cell or home number so Local 212 may call to answer questions or concerns. Here is the contact information for Steve Johnson: sjohnson@local 212.org and office phone 414-765-0910 Extension 15.

To better represent and effectively contact employees throughout this WERC Election process, it is essential that Local 212 seek and receive notice from members and non-members about whether individuals have successfully voted in the recertification election. Here is a link, https://leadernet.aft.org/webform/2020-notify-local-212-you-voted, that may be use to notify Local 212 indicating that you have voted.  If you prefer, email Nicole Tudury at: ntudury@local212.org.  The other option is to call Steve Johnson at the number above, and leave a message with your name, and cell or home number that you voted.

Thanks for your efforts in assisting Local 212 to insure a successful recertification.