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Vote Chris Larson for Milwaukee County Executive!

Local 212’s endorsed candidate for County Executive, Chris Larson, won the most votes in the primary, but we need to work hard to make sure he wins the general election on Tuesday, April 7.

Why? Because outgoing County Executive Chris Abele is trying to control county government even after he leaves office! He’s spending millions of his inherited dollars to defeat Chris Larson and appoint his own successor.
This is not how democracy is supposed to work.

As much as Abele has stuck it to Local 212 by appointing anti-union people to the MATC Board, we agree with him on one thing: Chris Larson can’t be bought, either by Abele or anyone else. Larson has a long record of standing for what is good for the citizenry, rather than following the dictates of rich control-freaks like Abele. But that’s not all.
● Larson will appoint community leaders who support MATC’s mission to the MATC Board rather than the anti-union directors that Abele stuck us with and who just eliminated our Class & Step raises.
● Larson has a comprehensive plan to reduce the epidemic of evictions in our community that affects so many of our MATC students.
● As a state senator, Larson has championed criminal justice reform legislation to decrease the mass incarcerations that siphon-off millions of dollars that could be spent on parks, infrastructure and mental health.
● Larson has fought in the legislature for more funding for Milwaukee’s
deteriorating parks, opposed demolishing the Domes, and as County Executive will insure access to these resources for all Milwaukeeans.
Check out Senator Chris Larson’s positions on these and other issues

Chris Larson’s election victory is crucial for you, your family, our students and MATC. If you’ll be out of town on April 7, vote absentee or early. Either way, VOTE CHRIS LARSON FOR MILWAUKEE COUNTY EXECUTIVE.