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Important Notice for MATC Students

Dear MATC Students,

The American Federation of Teachers Local 212, representing MATC’s faculty, counselors and professional staff, has issued the following statement to you, our students, and to the citizens of Milwaukee. Please take a moment to read it.


The recent election was among the most divisive and uncivil in American history. Women, Muslims, Mexicans, African-Americans, the disabled and others were attacked and demonized. We want you to know that we value all of you, regardless of your ethnicity, religion, gender, immigration status, sexual orientation, or disability. It is exactly because of our diversity that MATC is such an exciting, stimulating and successful college.


You are a member of MATC family and we are committed to your success. We will work with you to ensure that MATC is safe and stimulating place that values you as a person, as a student, and as a citizen in our democracy.


These are challenging times. We know that many of our are concerned and fearful about your future and the further of your families.


MATC’s faculty, counselors, advisors and academic staff are here for you, for students-to listen, support, and to work with you; to help you overcome any obstacles you encounter on your road to success. We remain firm in our commitment to supporting and defending all members of the MATC community and adhering MATC and Local 212’s values of diversity, inclusion. tolerance and integrity.



The members of AFT Local 212/MATC