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Former Fast Fund Student Saving Lives Amidst the Pandemic!

The FAST Fund continues to operate during the Coronavirus pandemic.

We want to share a story about one of our former students, Nou Thao. 

We helped Nou twice last year, once with a tuition payment when she hit the 150% rule and later with a car repair bill. Right before she graduated as a respiratory therapist she dropped by the office with two classmates to thank us for our help. The threesome are pictured below attached. It’s the picture we used on the cover of this year’s Gala program.

Early this week we learned that Nou accepted a position on the front lines of the battle against the Coronavirus. This is her on the job in Newark, New Jersey.

Nou will be in Newark for thirteen weeks, working twelve hour days, four days a week . Recently, she wrote on Facebook, “People are admitted with shortness of breath, to breathing on a machine, to cardiac arrest! I’ve never seen so many deaths in a short period of time.” In response to those arguing against the stay at home, social distancing orders, she wrote, “The world needs to heal first in my opinion. ”

Here is a card of support that her ten-year old son sent her. He is staying in Milwaukee with her ex-husband, but talks to his mom everyday while she is away.  

What a wonderful example of paying it forward. The FAST Fund truly makes a difference.