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Local 212’s unity, tolerance and diverse events get national attention

On Thursday, Jan. 19, thousands of educators will come together with students, parents and community members to stand against hate. In the face of the racism, xenophobia, misogyny and anti-Semitism increasingly evident since the presidential campaign, AFT higher education faculty and staff will demand their campuses provide sanctuary for the country's most vulnerable people—including undocum...
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Who’s Really Placing Limits on Free Speech?

MADISON, Wis. — At least three times in the past six months, state legislators have threatened to cut the budget of the University of Wisconsin at Madison for teaching about homosexuality, gender and race. As a faculty member who focuses on how public organizations are managed, I hear a great deal about the dangers of political correctness in higher education. Several of Wisconsin’s elected ...
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AFT Local 212 holds Unity, Tolerance and Inclusion gathering at Oak Creek campus

AFT Local 212's unity gathering at the Oak Creek campus attracted an overflow crowd of mainly immigrant students. The event was held just a few miles from where seven Sikh worshipers were murdered by a white supremacist a few years ago. Local 212 president, , Dr. Michael Rosen, opened the meeting by reading a statement of support from the MATC faculty to the college’s students reaffirming MATC’...
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Donald Trump Agrees to Pay $25 Million in Trump University Settlement

By STEVE EDER | NOV. 18, 2016 Donald J. Trump in 2005, when he announced the establishment of Trump University.CreditBebeto Matthews/Associated Press Donald J. Trump has reversed course and agreed on Friday to pay $25 million to settle a series of lawsuits stemming from his defunct for-profit education venture, Trump University, finally putting to rest fraud allegations by former s...
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With Trump, Investors See Profits Again in For-Profit Colleges

It hasn’t been a good couple of years for for-profit colleges. Many of them, usually offering vocational training, have had to close outlets as the federal government cracked down on their advertising and student loan practices. Two of the largest, ITT Technical Institute and Corinthian Colleges, shut down. Then came the election of Donald J. Trump as president. Stock prices of the companies stil...
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Clinton campaign: Plan could allow 85,000 Wisconsin students to attend college tuition-free by 2021

Free tuition
A proposal from Hillary Clinton could allow as many as 85,000 students in Wisconsin to attend college tuition-free by 2021, according to her campaign. Under Clinton's plan, students from families making up to $125,000 per year would pay no tuition at in-state colleges and universities. In Wisconsin, that accounts for 89 percent of families. Clinton's New College Compact...
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Faculty-run fund helps needy students stay in school

FAST FUND Faculty and Students Together
What do you do when your student can't get to class because she can't afford to repair her broken car? Or she says she's dropping out because with two jobs, daycare drop-off and class assignments, something has to go? College students need counseling, mentoring and encouragement through these challenges, but sometimes they just need a little money so they can stay in school one more sem...
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Study sites negative impact of pay for performance funding

Despite broad national support for such programs, state funding for higher education that is tied to performance metrics has mixed results at universities and community colleges, Community College Research Center (CCRC) researchers argue in a new book. Kevin Dougherty Diverse spoke with Kevin Dougherty, CCRC researcher and one of the six authors of “Performance Funding for Higher Education...
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MATC program helps children of incarcerated parents finish high school

MATC program helps children
Nineteen-year-old Bree Anna Wallace attended three different high schools before she finished her junior year. Then she dropped out. Her father has been in and out of prison her whole life. Her mother died last year. "I was trying to be on my own, but no one can do anything by themselves," said Wallace, who has found a second family through the Right Path program at Milwaukee Area Techni...
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Unionizing Pays Big Dividend for Professors at Regional Public Universities

big dividends
Full-time instructors at regional public universities earn an average of about $21,000, or nearly 25 percent, more in pay and benefits annually if they belong to a union, concludes a groundbreaking new study of compensation at such institutions. The location and size of the employer also makes a big difference. Those in larger suburban public universities, the highest-paying category of ins...
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