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My Vote Should Not Cost Me My Life

By Nyia Sallee Growing up, I sometimes heard older family members from Mississippi who had lived through the civil rights movement of the 1960s talk about how black people put their lives on the line to exercise their constitutional right to vote. I read history books about selfless men and women who had sacrificed their lives so that future generations — people like me — could vote. Never, in...
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Former Fast Fund Student Saving Lives Amidst the Pandemic!

The FAST Fund continues to operate during the Coronavirus pandemic. We want to share a story about one of our former students, Nou Thao.  We helped Nou twice last year, once with a tuition payment when she hit the 150% rule and later with a car repair bill. Right before she graduated as a respiratory therapist she dropped by the office with two classmates to thank us for our help. The ...
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Election Wins! There is Power in a Union!

YOU DID IT!!! Thanks so much to Local 212 members and especially those who contribute to 212 COPE.Last night you played a big role in proving that democracy works even when some forces try to rig the results.As COPE-supported and victorious Supreme Court Justice Jill Karofsky said last night, “Nobody in this state or in this country should have been forced to choose between their safety and parti...
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Local 212 member headed to COVID-19 hotspot & will teach while managing ventilator treatments

MILWAUKEE -- FOX6 News on Sunday, April 12 spoke with a Milwaukee Area Technical College instructor headed to the coronavirus hotspot of New York to help treat COVID-19 patients, while, at the same time, continuing to instruct his students in Milwaukee. Mike Christman, a respiratory therapy instructor at MATC will head to New York Tuesday, April 14 to help manage ventilator treatments while al...
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Tim Decker – Local 212’s Own Cartoonist!

Step into Tim Decker’s Wauwatosa home and you instantly get how much animation’s cheery colors and grin-inducing characters mean to the artist and his life. The candy-hued walls are covered with Decker’s own work from two-plus decades in high-profile animation — a 6 ft. grinning giraffe, a sketch of Marge Simpson, another of one of The Chipmunks brothers — plus the work of his mentors as that car...
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One Local 212 Family’s Experience with Covid 19 & being Studied by the CDC

It's the kind of house call nobody really wants to get.       But when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it wants you to participate in a study during a global pandemic, you gladly comply. "We were told they wanted to study how germs transmit in a household," said Pablo Muirhead, a member of the Shorewood School Board who came down with an early case of the coronavirus in the...
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Vote Yes for Local 212!

The annual WERC Recertification Election is currently underway.   It is critical every eligible employee vote. You don't have to me a Local 212 member to vote and voting doesn't make you a member of Local 212. Voting "Yes" signifies that whether you are a member or not, you support Local 212 in its efforts to advocate for you and represent your interests as an educational professional in our d...
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