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Year Round Pell Increases Enrollment & /Completion

Student enrollment and completion at community colleges increases when students are able to use their Pell Grants in the summer, according to a new paper from the Community College Research Center at Teachers College at Columbia University. The study found that for each $1,000 of year-round Pell Grant funding given to a student, the likelihood of summer enrollment among Pell-eligible students i...
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Manufacturers’ tax scam hurts tech colleges

Walker Tax Scam Hurts Technical Colleges
Why do business lobbyists and Republican politicians constantly claim that tax breaks for the rich create jobs when no evidence exists that this is true? They do it because some people believe this myth, and the corporate welfare kings benefitting from the myth give a lot of money to Republican politicians. Recent news reports reveal that Gov. Scott Walker’s massive income tax cut to wealthy Wis...
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Local 212 raises $17,000 for MATC students

Local 212
MATC FACULTY UNION RAISES $16,729 FOR STUDENTS AFT Local 212, the union representing faculty, counselors and professional staff at Milwaukee Area Technical College, has raised almost $17,000 for its MATC student emergency fund for the 2017-18 academic year. Last year, Local 212 was given a grant by Believe in Students, a nonprofit organization created by Temple University Professor Dr. Sara...
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