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None of My Teachers Knew I Was Homeless. They Should Have.

For many teachers, helping students means a phone call home. And since we didn’t have a home, we didn’t have help. - By Caitlin Cheney GETTY IMAGES As a homeless student, icebreakers were always tough for me. If my classmates asked about my family or tried to organize sleepovers, I couldn’t tell them that me and my younger sister didn’t have a place to live. I was afraid that if t...
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Clinton campaign: Plan could allow 85,000 Wisconsin students to attend college tuition-free by 2021

Free tuition
A proposal from Hillary Clinton could allow as many as 85,000 students in Wisconsin to attend college tuition-free by 2021, according to her campaign. Under Clinton's plan, students from families making up to $125,000 per year would pay no tuition at in-state colleges and universities. In Wisconsin, that accounts for 89 percent of families. Clinton's New College Compact...
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Faculty-run fund helps needy students stay in school

FAST FUND Faculty and Students Together
What do you do when your student can't get to class because she can't afford to repair her broken car? Or she says she's dropping out because with two jobs, daycare drop-off and class assignments, something has to go? College students need counseling, mentoring and encouragement through these challenges, but sometimes they just need a little money so they can stay in school one more sem...
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Study sites negative impact of pay for performance funding

Despite broad national support for such programs, state funding for higher education that is tied to performance metrics has mixed results at universities and community colleges, Community College Research Center (CCRC) researchers argue in a new book. Kevin Dougherty Diverse spoke with Kevin Dougherty, CCRC researcher and one of the six authors of “Performance Funding for Higher Education...
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The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Local 212 has been the collective voice of the Milwaukee Area Technical College’s (MATC’s) faculty since 1931, long before public employees won the legal right to collectively bargain. In its first decade Local 212 secured tenure and a single-salary schedule based on educational attainment and length of service. Since its Depression-era origin, Local 212 h...
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