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Did free college save this city?

The Kalamazoo Promise helped revive a Rust Belt town. It holds lessons for other cities. DECEMBER 17, 2016 KALAMAZOO, MICH.—Tracy Zarei has wanted to teach children ever since she was in the second grade. She knew she would have to go to college to become a teacher. “She was a straight-A student,” says her mother, Sheri, who was working double shifts in a nursing home to pay rent on their m...
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For middle-income college students, a rising dilemma

Many are too poor to write a check for college, but too rich to qualify for aid. With a federal solution looking unlikely, states like California are starting to offer some help. DECEMBER 9, 2016 FULLERTON, CALIF. —When it came to paying for college, Kelsey Brewer tried to do everything right. She worked two jobs. She took out loans. She filled out the free application for federal student aid...
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It Turns Out Spending More Probably Does Improve Education

By KEVIN CAREY and ELIZABETH A. HARRIS | DEC. 12, 2016 If you spend more on education, will students do better? Educators, politicians and unions have battled in court over that crucial question for decades, most recently in a sweeping decision this fall in Connecticut, where a judge ordered the state to revamp nearly every facet of its education policies, from graduation requirement...
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Student Union Movement Teach-In Islam, Terrorism Islamophobia

Local 212 is rebroadcasting the video of the MATC’s Student Union Movement’s teach-in on Islamophobia in light of recent events, including a proposal to develop a national register of Muslims, a proposal similar to the Nazi’s Jewish registry. The MATC community includes many Muslims, students, faculty, staff, administrators and even a board member. They are valued members of our community. http...
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