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AFT Local 212 wins recertification in landslide vote

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AFT Local 212 wins recertification in landslide vote

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017 Michael Rosen, Ph.D.
414-765- 0910 ext. 14

For the third consecutive year, Milwaukee Area Technical College’s education professionals voted overwhelmingly to recertify their union, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Local 212. 97.45% of the full-time faculty, counselors and accountants who voted, voted “yes” for Local 212 representation. 99.09% of the professional staff, full and part-time, who voted, voted “yes” for Local 212 representation. 98.85% of part-time faculty who voted, voted “yes” for Local 212 representation.

Dr. Lisa Conley, Life Sciences instructor and Local 212’s Executive Vice President, said, “The near unanimous vote sends a clear message that MATC’s education professionals want Local 212 to be their voice in academic affairs and college governance. This is a victory for our students, faculty and staff. Local 212 will continue to meet and confer with MATC’s administrative leadership to ensure that our students receive the high quality education that they need and deserve. Like MATC’s first President, Dr. Cooley, we believe and affirm that ‘the needs of the students should determine the curriculum.’”

Dr. Michael Rosen, President of Local 212 noted, “MATC educators have once again rejected Governor Walker’s attempt to strip educators of their right to organize and have a voice at work. Act 10 was designed to destroy educator unions by requiring “yes” votes from 51% of all eligible voters in order to win annual certification. Governor Walker would not be governor under these blatantly unfair and undemocratic rules. Local 212’s impressive margin of victory sends a clear message that Wisconsin’s educators will not be silenced or driven into submission.”

“Walker and the legislature’s attacks on educators, taken with their drastic cuts in education funding, have had a negative effect on the people of Wisconsin and its economy,” according to Conley. “Districts across the state are experiencing teacher shortages as educators leave the profession in record numbers and enrollment in schools of education has plummeted. Students are being shortchanged as class sizes balloon. Schools at all levels are being forced to cut programs and services due to unprecedented reductions in state support and legislative restrictions on revenue. These trends hurt students, strain families, and undermine one of Wisconsin’s most important competitive advantages, its skilled and educated workforce.” 739 West Juneau Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53233-1416 Phone: (414) 765-0910 Fax: (414) 765-9141 www.local212.org

First organized in 1930 during the Great Depression, Local 212 is also active in the community. Examples include providing scholarships to and emergency funds for MATC students, distributing books to disadvantaged children, and fostering service-learning partnerships between MATC and MPS teachers through a grant from the American Federation of Teachers. AFT Local 212 represents over 1500 MATC faculty, counselors and professional staff.

For more information call Michael Rosen at 414-765- 0910